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Telephone Number: 01472 268141

Address: London House, King Edward Street, Grimsby ,N.E. Lincs DN31 3LA

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Aqua support

Fairfield are the uk Agent for aquaneering

Our Aquasupport department have been designing, commissioning and maintaining Aquatic Life Support systems for many years. Customers include public aquariums, zoos and Universities. During this time, whilst providing a first-class maintenance and problem-solving service, we have built up a comprehensive stock of products for use in our own installations and resale. This list includes specialist pumps for freshwater and saltwater applications, a variety of water filtration equipment, metric and imperial PVC pipe and fittings, and water heating and chilling equipment. We can also provide guidance on system design and instrumentation issues, as well as aquatic systems biological consultancy.

Here are just some of the services we offer:

  • Biological and Engineering Consultancy in water quality, systems management and operating practices
  • Training in all aspects of Systems Use, Care and Maintenance
  • Control Panel design, construction and installation
  • System Control Software
  • Small Systems Design and Build
  • Servicing, Supply, and Repair of:
    • Filtration Equipment including Biological Filtration, Specialist Sand Filters, Foam Fractionation, Activated Carbon Filtration
    • UVc disinfection - system specification, servicing and installation
    • Ozone Generators - service, control systems and maintenance
    • Pumps - Including re-bearing, re-alignment, rewinds, and general service and maintenance
    • Measurement and monitoring - Including Redox, pH, Oxygen, Temperature, Pressure, Conductivity, Ultrasonic level detection, etc.